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The U.S. Animal Law Center is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice.  The U.S. Animal Law Center is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.
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​Ms. Dooley founded The U.S. Animal Law Center in 2011.  Ms. Linda Dooley holds a Juris Doctor and a B.S. in Justice Science.  Ms. Dooley has over 40 years of experience working with animals to include companion, farm, as well as exotic animals.  Ms. Dooley is involved in writing legislation to help all animals.  Ms. Dooley wrote HB 27and help pass legislation in Alabama that increased penalties for animal cruelty. HB 27 was signed into law in 2013.  HB 27 also provided for all animals instead of just companion animals,  and provided penalties for repeat offenders, and for aggravated animal cruelty. 

In September of 2014, The U.S. Animal Law Center became an Alabama Charity and filed for its non profit 501 (c)(3) status. In May of 2015 the non profit 501(c)(3) status was granted.  
Since then we have been developing our education program, animal abuse database as well as other conservation programs just to name a few.  We aid in connecting animals to guardian families and animal sanctuaries as well as wildlife rehabilitation centers by coordinating with shelters and organizations for the transportation and rescue of animals throughout the United States. We promote pet adoption and assist in fostering.  
Linda Dooley

We advocate for animal protection by joining in the creation of legislation of animal laws to better protect animals.  We connect first responders in animal rescue and we aid the planning of disaster preparedness for animals. We aid in investigating cases involving animal cruelty. We work with organizations to adopt  policies that are animal friendly and animal safe. We partner with other animal advocacy agencies and state agencies to promote protection of all animals. Through our website and education program we educate the public on current laws and pending bills. We educate people on the statistics of all animal species as well as conservation and protection of all animals. 

We look forward to working with every animal agency and rescue as well as individuals interested in animal advocacy.
Ms. Mary Jane Stearns holds a B.A. in Art and Education.  Ms. Stearns has lived internationally  and has over 30 years as an educator.   Ms. Stearns has developed education programs and works in our education program.
Mr. John Diel has over 20 years of experience working with exotic animals. Mr. Diel served as President on the Animal Control Officers Guild Executive Board and was lead negotiator and animal cruelty investigator. Mr. John Diel holds a B.S. in Business Management and an Executive Juris Doctor Degree.

Mr. Diel, also serves as the Vice President of the Global Insular Conservation Society.
Mrs. Susan Franks Sieweke holds a Juris Doctor and an M.S. in Human Services with a concentration in counseling and psychology.  Mrs. Sieweke also works in our education program.
John Diel
Vice President
Mary Jane Stearns
Susan Franks Sieweke