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The U.S. Animal Law Center is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice.  The U.S. Animal Law Center is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.
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Food Source
Ractopamine Petition
To: Smithfield Foods, Triumph Foods, Seaboard Foods, The Maschhoffs, Prestage Farms, The Pipestone System, Cargill Pork, The Carthage System, and AMVC Management Services.

Consumers are relying on you to be responsible producers and stop the use of Ractopamine.  Ractopamine has been banned or limited in 160 countries.  We are asking you to join those countries in banning this drug due to the controversial health issues linked with this drug.  

Please join other producers that have already banned the use of this drug and show the public that you are interested in protecting the animal health as well as human health.

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The U.S. Animal Law Center supports the adoption of Breed-Neutral laws.  Our position is that the law should hold the animal owners liable instead and that no specific breed automatically poses a high risk of aggressive behavior.

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Carson & Barns Circus
Barbara Miller Byrd, 
Geary Byrd

The U.S. Animal Law Centers position is that you follow other major circus's lead and retire your performing elephants and send them to an elephant sanctuary immediately.  

Elephants are intelligent and beautiful creatures and deserve to be in a sanctuary as close to nature as possible. 

These animals do not deserve to be held in captivity and used for entertainment purposes and financial gain.

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Carson & Barns Circus
Breed-Neutral Legislation
The U.S. Animal Law Center demands that Greyhound dog racing end in the remaining seven states.

Greyhound dog racing is gambling and it is a cruel and inhumane industry.

The racing Greyhounds suffer severe injuries such as broken legs, crushed skulls, and broken necks for human entertainment and revenue.  

Please pass legislation to end this terrible industry.

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Help End Commercial Dog Racing
Commercial Dog Racing