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The U.S. Animal Law Center is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice.  The U.S. Animal Law Center is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.
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The U.S. Animal Law Center works diligently to write legislation for the protection of all animals and their habitats.  

We also work with other animal advocacy agencies to show our support of any legislation whether written by us or not.

We advise the public on current legislation that impacts animals and their habitats.  We help you connect with your state Legislators so that you can contact them by phone or in writing and show your support of the bills we are supporting. 

We have created a Judicial Report Card which can assist you with your state Legislators and Senators voting history.  

We engage with Corporate America to help them make policy that benefits animals by the use of phone calls and petitions.

We connect you to federal legislation that is both past and pending.  We educate on how pending legislation will affect animal species, their habitats, as  as well as human species.
The U.S. Animal Law Center provides education programs on humane treatment of animals, animal habitats, and statistical analysis of all animals.  Our education programs are presented through lectures, and other media methods including debates.  The program focuses on causes, current efforts and solutions to all animal issues.  The U.S. Animal Law Center is educating the public on subjects that are beneficial to the community as well as individuals.  We have programs from K-1 to High School students.  We also have programs to educate community groups as well as law enforcement.
The U.S. Animal Law Center protects all animals and their interests concerning but not limited to cruelty, proper housing, environmental issues, exploitation, population control, humane treatment.  We focus our resources thought the 50 United States.  We assist in disaster relief with displaced animals in finding temporary foster care.  We work with prosecutors and law enforcement to aid in the prosecution of all animal crimes.

Partner Programs
The U.S. Animal Law Center works with Corporate partners in cause related marketing.  Cause-related marketing create mutual benefits.  If you are interested in partnering please email us at with a proposal.

In addition to partnering with corporate partners, we will gladly partner with other animal rescue and animal advocates to accomplish mutual goals.
 Animal Cruelty Programs