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The U.S. Animal Law Center is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice.  The U.S. Animal Law Center is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.
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How Can I Help?
Educate, Participate, Communicate

There are many ways in which a person can help an animal. 

1) Educate yourself on the particular species that you are interested in.  Familiarize yourself on their needs including their environment, safety, and welfare.

​2) Participate by choosing to work or volunteer for an agency that protects animals. Do not use products that are tested on animals.  Visit National Parks and give them the revenue that they need to do the work they do.  Help write legislation reguarding animal issues.

3) Communicate by writing letters to your State Legislators regarding the issues surrounding species that you are interested in.  Involve your  children about the animal issues.  Write articles and letters to the newspapers about threatened species.  

Join a group dedicated to animals.

Help us make an impact on the survival of all species of animals.  We believe that education about every species of animals will help us to make an impact on their survival and the protection of their habitat.  Help us achieve long lasting changes for animals and their habitats.  Thru our work actions, campaigns and partners we support public policies that are compatible with a healthy planet.

Spay and Neuter your pet!

In addition to reducing the homeless pet population and saving a life of another unwanted pet, spaying and neutering your animal increases their life span and prevents diseases like cancer and certain infections.  Spaying and neutering your pet also has been known to decrease aggression and curb other behaviors. 

One way to help is to volunteer!

The benefits of volunteering is huge to you as well as to us.  When you volunteer with The U.S. Animal Law Center you join our family of animal advocates.  You will have a great impact on your community and make it a better place to live as well as saving the life of an animal.

When you gain experience in a specific area of interest thru volunteering you may be able to turn it into a career.  
Our volunteers have first preference when a permanent job becomes available.

Volunteers are critical to non-profit sustainability.  We would not be able to advance our mission  and further our vision but for the volunteers who have joined The U.S. Animal Law Center.  We have volunteers that help us in all aspects of our organization.  

Our volunteers fill important roles that are critical to our survival.   

Volunteer and join our Animal Advocacy family!

Know what products you use!

Look in your cabinets, the products you use may have first been tested on an animal.  Animal testing is excruciating and unnecessary.  Also, many companies use ingredients in their products that are tested on animals.  So just because a product says they do not support animal testing does not mean that all of their ingredients have not been tested on animals.  Many of the products tested on animals are personal care or household products.  

Look to see if your products are made in the USA or are imported from another country.  Many other countries require that all of their products and their ingredients be tested on animals.

Get educated and help the animals by taking action.

Write a newsletter!

Newspaper article raises awareness about animal issues and helps to get other people involved.  When a newspaper article is published many times the media gets involved and further publicizes via additional venues.  Also, thru social media, many animal advocates re-post articles that have been in printed form and send them all over the world educating people on your article.

Educate your children!
Teaching your children to have compassion towards animals is essential to their growth and the way interact with society.  When we teach children empathy towards all living beings, we help them learn social skills  and how to become part of something bigger than themselves.  Through education we teach animal husbandry, conservation and protection.  In addition to saving animals, the education teaches lifelong skills include critical thinking, writing, observation, tenacity, and a sense of community.
Get your children involved and give them the gift of a better future!

Educate, Participate, Communicate!

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